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Kinky Friedman Cigars

 Richard 'Kinky'  Friedman is known throughout the world  as a colorful  songwriter and musician, witty author, and a fiercely proud smoker of Premium Cigars. In fact, cigars are one of the few things Kinky's (really, really) serious about.

Kinky Friedman Cigars are premium cigars handmade in Nicaragua with superior quality tobacco grown from Cuban seed. 

Along with new CEO, Nicole Barrett, Kinky Friedman Cigars will expand it's base and product line.  Kinky Friedman remains Senior Adviser and Spokesman and will always give the 'go ahead' on every stick.  And, after one smoke, the exceptional quality will keep you coming back for more. 



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Kinky Friedman Cigars

Dallas, TX 75204